The name Maia comes from an ancient tradition.
Maia is in fact one of the seven sisters stars that together form the constellation of the Pleiades. Since ancient times guided sailors and farmers of Lake Garda in navigation and harvesting.

Daughter of Atlas, considered by the Greeks the most beautiful nymph of the Pleiades. Loved by Zeus, she gave birth to the god Hermes, herald of the gods.

According to the Romans she was the wife of Vulcan, she expressed the power of destructive fire, but she was also the goddess of Nature, herald of spring and symbol of fertility and nourishment. She was so loved and appreciated that the month of May was dedicated to her.

“We like to think that this name is a good wish. These stars, which are shown in the morning skies in August and dive into the red lights of the sunset of our lake in May, are the sister who protect our harvests. They provide a special magic on fertile soils to our grain, among moraines and clays, with the perfect sunshine of the 45th parallel, refreshed and dried by the lake breezes.”

simbolo del brand rappresentazione del viso statua di una dea circondata da nebbia


The brand

Maĩa is born for a modern and international consumer who loves exploration and synergies between real and digital world.

The Brand’s features and tones are based on a perfect aesthetic balance between classicism and modernity.

The design is aimed at a “millennial” consumer, in search of a style that founds elements of tradition with modern and contemporary inspirations.

Our brand expresses itself through a communicative logic in which glamorous and positioning elements are harmoniously combined.

The style relives in evanescent and blurred atmospheres with a background of precious materials that recall the world of luxury to give life to a so-called soft luxury line, suitable both for a daily happy hour and for glamorous events with an international character.

The consumer

Maia selection of Brut and Brut Rosé version has been created for a modern consumer looking for new brands and experiences that reflect his lifestyle.

Maĩa transmits a status symbol and a lifestyle that is reconfirmed through all the brand sponsorships starting from digital channels to the international glamour events; from VIP endorsement to partnerships with international brands.

Maĩa’s consumer is ready to move from the spirits world, to embrace a more sophisticated profile, that allows him to transmit a more modern and glamour image of self, without neglecting the image transmitted during the consumption, through the label chosen.

He is fascinated by the world of wine that is often linked to a concept and to a premium dimension for which the emotional impact becomes a reason of choice.

Maĩa then becomes the reference brand for a rich and new world of consumers.