A brand with ancient traditions


Since ancient times, wise winegrowers have been breeding their vineyards on fertile soils that rest their roots on moraines and clays, providing structure and mineral longevity to these wines.

The hills caressed by the wind of the lake and the perfect sunshine of the 45th parallel give a perfect ripening of the grains, the clays provides our bubbles structure and mineral longevity, keeping the fragrance and identity of Garda Doc territories.

maia heritage bottiglia in secchiello con sfondo di locale luxury


It is an elegant and minimal bottle intended for restaurants of the latest generation, a concept club with high design content, lifestyle, but also suitable for traditional restaurants who want to renew their wine list with a label suitable for new generations of customers closer to an immediate and soft taste, less complex than classic sparkling wines.

The color is a brilliant straw yellow with a fine and persistent perlage. It is fragrant and intense to the nose with immediate and pleasant floral and fruity sensations. Freshness and sapidity underline the taste, letting express a creamy and elegant finish.

Excellent as an aperitif and throughout the meal, especially with dishes based on fish and cruditè.

Maia Benacus

MAIA Benacus Limited Edition is born, a bottle representative of our territory.

A special edition in limited series, intended exclusively for the activities of Lake Garda and for the foreign market.

A fresh and lively bubble, born to offer our customers a complete food and wine experience and at the same time to promote Lake Garda on tables around the world.

bottiglia maia benacus in ghiaccera
pagina wines bottiglia maia rose in ghiaccio accanto a heritage

Maia Rose

Current and glamorous. Ideal for summer parties by the pool and aperitifs by the sea or by the pool.

Maia Rosè Brut is a fresh wine, with a pleasant and soft taste with fruity notes that recall red currant.

The perfect match is undoubtedly the one with fish dishes. It goes wonderfully with raw seafood appetizers. It is ideal to accompany fine aperitifs such as lobsters and lobsters.


The new label Maia Prosecco Doc, which perfectly mixes classic lines with the modernity of a bright chrome green, projects the Venetian brand in another dimension: the global one; thanks to the strength of a name recognized worldwide.

Its freshness and vivacity help to clean the palate and amplify the flavors of the ingredients. Its acidity and playful bubbles adapt well to the sweetness and delicacy of seafood.

If you want to accompany Prosecco DOC with a dessert, it is advisable to prefer light desserts, such as lemon sorbets, refined fresh fruit salads or delicate cakes.

Then comes to life a fascinating wine, savory, with fine, silky and persistent bubbles that manages to conquer the consumer for lightness, fruity notes and great agreement with food. A unique product, fruit of the ancient and authentic relationship between the earth and man.

The harmony of a unique environment expresses the aromatic extension, complex and articulated, of wines for an exceptional sparkling wine, from local white and black grapes.

Then comes to life a fascinating wine, savory, with fine, silky and persistent bubbles that manages to conquer the consumer for lightness, fruity notes and great agreement with food.


bottiglia heritage con calice in locale luxury per pagina wines
rosè in locale luxury
benacus in ghiacciera firmata maia

The labels are inspired by earth tones, explore shades that allow infinite combinations punctuated by elegant color elements that turn from gold to platinum in the Heritage Brut collection and antique pink in the Rosé collection.

Refined and light, all the Maia’s labels collection are blended in dark tones with distinctive character and design, evolving into pure, light tones with a delicate character in the Heritage Brut Rosé declination.

A refined, contemporary, elegant and timeless style.